Please explore the map below to see if your desired territory is available. We have used advanced mapping software to determine the territory areas; with this in mind we have tried to ensure that each territory has a similar number by head of population.

The definition of territory is the geographical location of your customers, this is not necessarily where you will hold your event merely where you are able to service you clients. We are happy to work with new Ambassadors to determine your specific territory and will happily make some slight adjustments to each territory provided the territory next to your chosen area is still available.

List of UK Territories

1 SW Devon Cornwall Available
2 South Wales Taken
3 North Wales Available
4 Northern Ireland Available
5 North West London iM25 Available
6 North East London iM25 Available
7 South West London iM25 Available
8 South East London iM25 Available
9 Kent Available
10 Sussex Port/Bright/East Available
11 Dorset Wy/Po/Bn/So/Yo/Sa/Wsm/IOW Available
12 SW Br/Gl/Ch/Wr/Le/Hr/Tw/Sw Taken
13 Oxford Rd/Nb/Sl/Hw/Mk/Bb/Nr Available
14 East Anglia Available
15 Essex Available
16 Lincolnshire Available
17 East Midlands Available
18 West Midlands Available
19 South Yorkshire Available
20 North Yorkshire Available
21 Mersey / Manchester Available
22 Lancs / Cumbria Available
23 North East Available
24 Scottish Highlands Available
25 South West Scotland Available
26 North East Scotland Available
27 Channel Islands Available
28 Isle of Man Available
29 Shetland Islands Available
30 Scottish Isles Available

List of Country Master Franchise Licence

(listed only by countries in negotiation) every other country is in the EU is currently available – please call us for more information on our Country Master Franchise Licence.

1 France In negotiation
2 Western Australia (Perth / Fremantle / Swan Valley / Moore River / Margaret River Taken


To discuss this further please feel free to call or email us.